How Multi-Factor Authentication Enhances Your Online Security


Multi-factor authentication, sometimes referred to as MFA or 2FA, is a technology that is easy to implement and greatly increases your security. In today’s world, it’s extremely easy for cyber criminals to guess your password. If that’s the only requirement for accessing an account, then it’s bad news! That’s where multi-factor authentication comes into play. It adds additional layers of protection to your accounts and helps you keep your personal data safe.

Understanding Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication means that additional verification is needed beyond your username and password. A combination of verification methods are used. One type of authentication is something you know, like a password or PIN. As a secondary or tertiary method, you can use something you have or something you are. An example of something you have is a security token that must be plugged into the computer or an ID badge that must be swiped. Something you are would be biometrics like facial recognition or fingerprints. Multi-factor authentication makes it much more difficult for cyber criminals to gain access to your accounts, because it’s much less likely that they can steal or forge these alternate means of verification.

How Multi-Factor Authentication Works

So how does this all work? It’s really quite simple. When setting up an online account, many companies allow you to enable multi-factor authentication in the profile or security settings.

  1. Navigate to your profile security settings
  2. Choose enable MFA (or 2FA)
  3. Choose your MFA method (such as text or app)
  4. Follow the steps shown on your screen

You’re probably already used to using MFA if you use online banking. When you log in, you first enter your username and password. Next, they will text you a code and ask for you to enter it on your computer. That’s an example of multi-factor authentication that we use every day.


In conclusion, we suggest you enable multi-factor authentication on all your online accounts. This will help you keep your data safe and out of reach of cyber criminals. In today’s world, you can never be too safe! Implementing good cyber hygiene in your digital life is necessary. Multi-factor is just one step in protecting your online resources. Take some time to review your security practices and make adjustments on a regular basis.

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